Saturday, September 19, 2009

Don't Forget About These....

Here's just a quick reminder of some things that you may want to get in on that are expiring soon!

- I know I mentioned this in my previous post, but the Kellogg's Fuel for School rebate has to be submitted by 9/30. Look for the (however disgusting) Cookie dough Pop Tarts that have the free movie tokens on the back to sweeten the deal even more!

- Schwan's $10 in free food expires 9/30 (limit one per address)

- 3M and Post-It Label TMF rebate, must be purchased by 9/30

- Free Beechnut Starter Kit (sure to include some great coupons and samples!)

- Free Mrs. Field's cookie on 10/1 from 11 am-1 pm

- Free Cake Mania game, download from Amazon

- Free Tales of Monkey Island game, download from Amazon

(Thanks, ATS and FrugalSuz)

Catching Up!! CVS, Target, WG's

I have been such a blog slacker this past week! I have really been focusing on catching up on things that have been neglected lately [read: my floors really needed to be cleaned, among other things!], and really haven't been doing much coupon shopping. I do apologize for the lack of posting though! I did manage to work out a few deals though:

Stopped into a WG's I don't normally go to and found the Ghiradelli Luxe chocolate bars on clearance for $.65 from $2.59. The best part is that the September coupon booklet (found by the ads) has a q for $1/2, so only $.15 each!! I snagged 26 of them, plan to use for melting during the holidays. (Believe it or not, I didn't even take them all and I showed another lady the deal so she got some too!). Look out for other chocolate clearance, I saw Hershey's Bliss on clearance for $1.29 and there are $1 mq's out there.
26 chocolate bars @ $.65 - $13 from WG's $1/2 q (you only have to give them one 1 and it will take off $1 for every 2 you buy)
Total: $4.02

10 Pop Tarts clearanced to 1.28 - .75 Target q - $1/2 mq
4 Rimmell mascara (only show 1) @ 2.24 - $2 mq
Pumice stone (not on sale or q, but I really need this for hard water marks on my toilets)
Huggie's wipes @ 1.47 - $1.50 Huggie's IP (no longer available but has a $2 on any diaper product q)
Comet @ .89
Total: $5.36, paid with a g.c.
++I will submit the Pop Tarts for the $10 Kellogg's rebate, so essentially a $9.70 MM!!
If you haven't done this rebate already, remember the last day to have your stuff postmarked is 9/30!

1 Contour glucose monitors, raincheck to $14.99
Hefty trash bags @ 9.49 - $2 mq
Revlon eye shadow @ 6.19 - $3 CRT - $1 mq (could have used 2 if I had them with me)
- $5/$30 email
- $3 EB
Total: $3.52, paid with a g.c.
++ I earned $10 EB for the Contours

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Target & Costco Price Codes!

My sis came across this site that lists the price codes for Target & Costco. I knew some of this already but found it interesting. This will be helpful with Target clearance to know whether or not it will be marked down again. Hope you find it helpful too!

Price codes- Costco

*ends with .99 is the original price
*ends with ._7 is the first markdown
*ends with .88 is the second markdown
*ends with .00 is the final markdown before it is sent out and sold to a local salvage company.
* Items with an asterisk (“ * ”) will on the price sign will not be re-stocked.

Pricing codes at Target

*Items with prices ending in $__._9 are the regular price
*Items with prices ending in $__,_8 are discounted
*The small numbers in the top right corner of the price tag indicate the percentage discount you’re getting off of the regular price (for example, if you see “75”, that’s 75% off the regular or original price)
*if the price ends in a 4, such as $5.94, that signifies that it is the last time an item will be marked down
*if you see " * " it mean this item have more than one location somewhere on salefloor like endcap

Albies Old El Paso Catalina Dea ++ Ad Matching at Targetl!

I made a trip to Albies to use some Target cereal q's before they expired today. I also came across a great deal on Old El Paso products. This week Albies has the Old El Paso products $.75 wyb 6. Well, it just so happens that wyb 6 OEP products a $3 catalina prints! There is also a $.60/2 q on Print 3 of these (you'll need access to more than 1 computer as you can only print 2 per computer), pay $2.70 and get back a $3 catalina. Remember, these catalinas are not like WG's RR that do not allow you to buy the same items and get another catalina. If you purchase 6 items and use a $3 catalina from a previous purchase you WILL get another $3 catalina!!

I also stopped by Target and got a few things (sorry, don't have a pic right now):
6 GM cereal cups @ $1 - (6) $1 Target q's
2 Glade Room & Air freshener @ 3.29- (2) $2 Target q's (found on bottles) and (1) B1G1F mq
Clearanced flip flops @ $1.74
Total = $1.52

I stopped by Guest Services to clarify their ad matching policy. Unfortunately, it sounded like it would vary GREATLY from person to person and it may be harder than even price matching at WalMart (which, if you haven't noticed, I avoid whenever possible!)

She told me that the don't price match % off, B1G1F, any promotions like Fry's Mega Event (Buy 10 items get $5 off), and will not substitute Target brand items for store brand items on sale. I guess that was kind of expected, BUT then she also told me that if an ad that states that you need a card to get that price they will NOT match it! So, basically that crosses off everywhere but WG's and Albies (when you're talking grocery/drug stores). I was kind of disappointed as I initially saw a lot of great deals in our future but now it seems like it will be harder. She also said that it will definitely be easier to bring your items up to Guest Services and have them do the price matching there, except for produce. Be sure to have them price match your items first, then give coupons.

Good luck and let me know if of your experience with this! :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Emily's Deals!

My sister, Emily, is an awesome couponer and huge supporter of my blog! It's been fun in the last year since she moved close to me to get her addicted to coupons and share deals. She came from the "Land of No Doubles" just as some of you may be in now. Just remember that you can still get some great deals even if your stores don't double coupons! Be sure to check out the PYP board for your state to see your local deals!

Here's what she got:

6 buddy soap
6 colgate
1 johnson and johnson baby lotion
2 baby johnson q-tips
6 skittles
20 cereals

1 96 ct huggies diapers
2 newborn huggies jumbo pack
1 fisher price sandles
20 wipes
2 fabric softener
1 pkg chinette plates
5 secret deoderant
2 cascade detergent (jet dry)
=$25.50 (i think)

Have pictures of your great deals?? Feel free to send them to me! jengirl7@gmail-dot-com

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hot New Coupons + Free Box of Granola Bars!

Looks like several coupons at have reset, including:

- Huggie's $1.50 off any diaper product (that's how I scored all these free wipes!)
- Ajax soap $1 off
- McCormick spice, herb, or food coloring $1 off
- Gold - n-Plump all natural chicken $1 off

Don't see these with your zip code? Check out 55555, 30133, 85712

I don't usually post about free samples, but this is a good one! It's not just a sample but the whole big box!

Go on over here and fill out the form for a coupon for a free box of Quaker Fiber & Omega-3 granola bars. I'm starting to love all these Facebook freebies! $25 Gift Certificate for $1!!

--UPDATE: I forgot to mention this code expires at 3 am PST on 9/13-- has a new code for 90% off gift certificates! Just enter the code NINETY at checkout and get $25 gift certificates for $1 and $10 gift certificates for $.30!! Can't beat that!?!

Also, go through Cashbaq to purchase your gift certificates and get 20% back.

If you're not familiar with either of these, check out this post here.


I finally made it over to Fry's on the last day of the sale with quadruple and matching competitor coupons. I just haven't had the energy to do much shopping...maybe it was my 2 yr old that kept me up all night puking!

I took in my receipt from last week on the Hefty bags that were $1 but were on sale for $.88 this week. They gave me the difference = $1.32.

12 Bounty paper towels @ .88 - (12) .25 mq quad to .88
7 Softsoap @ $1 - (7) .35 mq tripled to $1
Kroger cottage cheese @ .97
Milk @ 1.99
broccoli @ 1.39
Hunt's ketchup @ .88 - .20 mq quad to .80
French's mustard @ .88 - .50 mq quad to .88
French's honey mustard @ .88 - free honey mustard peelie wyb regular mustard
2 Kroger cheese @ .97
Kroger blsl chicken @ 1.67/lb = $4.48
DDP @ 1.39 - $1 mq wyb 2 candybars and DDP (can you tell hubbie was with me?!)
2 Reese's cups @ 2/$1
$20 Fry's gift card
- $10/$50 F&E coupon
- $2.50 catalina
- $2 catalina
Total = $22.50!
With the $20 g.c. I shouldn't have to pay anything OOP for at least a week! Plus, I transferred my prescription to Fry's, paid $2.97 and got $30 loaded to my g.c. using the Safeway transferred prescription coupon from the ad a couple weeks ago.

B1G1F Boost Essentials + Printing Coupons

Claire, thanks for your comment. This one's for you!
Click here for a B1G1F coupon for Boost Kid Essentials. Unfortunately, the Target coupon expired 9/5 but using this you can still score a good deal. Also, if you haven't already, go on over here and sign up. You will get to print a $5 coupon that can be used with this. It also looks like they have a Taste Challenge and will refund you the purchase amount if your kids don't LOVE it! This is a great way to make this type of thing a money maker by using the coupon to purchase the product then sending in for the rebate!

Also, remember that you are able to print 2 coupons per computer by hitting the back button on your browser. If you have access to more than one computer or have family/friends who don't use their coupons you can score a lot by using their computers.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Express Coupon!

If you're planning on hitting up the mall tomorrow, you may want to take this coupon with you. $10 off $20 or $20 off $60 at Express, good through September 13th. Can also be used online and combined with sales. Shipping is a flat $8.

(That's for you, Chris! :)

Also, Bath and Body Works has coupons for FREE items with purchase here and here. Great for gifts or stocking stuffers!


Ran over to CVS yesterday since I had EB that were expiring. I was wanting to use up some of the rain checks that I have but they were still out of some items, although I did use my Febreeze rain check. Just a tip, when they give you a rain check on items that you have to buy $x.xx amount and get $x.xx EB and there are multiple items that count toward your total, clip out the ad and staple it to your rain check. It really makes things easier when checking out!

4 Febreeze noticeables starters @ $6.50 - (4) $5 mq and (1) $3 mq
2 Febreeze fabric odor eliminators @ $5 - B1G1F mq*
LA Looks gel $3.99 - $1 mq
Children's Advil clearanced to $.69 - $1 mq adjusted to $.69
Barbie kite clearanced to $.39
4th of july garland and flags, clearanced to $.50 ea
- $4/$20 CVS q from pharmacy (ask about their RediFill program and they are supposed to give you a booklet that has 2 of these q's)
- $5 EB
Total = $5.10
++ I earned $15 EB for the Febreeze

*I had another $5 EB I was going to use buy he said I would lose $2.xx on it since my subtotal was only $2.xx. I thought I had it figured out better than that where I would be able to use it. If there weren't people behind me I would have ran back and got something I needed, like hairspray to cover it and be able to use it. I looked at my receipt later and it looks like he scanned the B1G1F q twice so that is why my total was so low and I wasn't able to use my EB.

My CVS had their summer stuff at 75% off so some good deals there too.

Also hit up Target one last time for the q's that expired yesterday. Didn't get a picture though:

3 Skittles @ $.52 - (3) $1 Target q
2 Kid Essential nutrition drinks @ 7.99- (2) $5 mq - (2) $2 Target q
10 Buddie's soaps @ .97 - (10) $1 Target q adjusted to .97
4 J&J safety swabs @ 1.29 - (4) $1 Target q
14 cereal cups @ $1 - (14) $1 Target q's
2 Glade soy candles @ $2.37 - (2) $3 IP
8 AF string cheese @ $.40 - (4) $1/2 Target q
Microphone toy @ $2.50 (starting to stock up for stocking stuffers!)
Total: $3.44

More Free Food!!

If you haven't heard already, Chik-fil-A is offering a free chicken sandwich to anyone who comes in wearing anything that has a sport's team logo! Tomorrow, Labor Day only!
Also, I just read that Arby's has extended their free food on Wednesdays through the end of September. Here's the schedule:

September 9th: FREE regular roast beef sandwich with soft drink purchase

September 16th: FREE regular sidekickers with any sandwich purchase

September 23rd: FREE roastburger with any softdrink purchase

September 30th: FREE FruiTea with any sandwich purchase

(Thanks, Slickdeals)

Friday, September 4, 2009

FREE Udder Cover!!

Get a FREE Udder Cover with the promotion code 'ONEFREE'. That's right, absolutely FREE! Regular price is $37 and all you have to pay is $8.95 shipping. I personally LOVE mine, so if you know any nursing or soon-to-be nursing mothers this would make a great gift!

(Thanks, Emily!)

And the Winners Are......

The Rogers said...



Jaymie and Donna Jones said...

I am guessing $20.00

My grand total for all these items was $21.71

I said that it wasn't one of my best couponing trips, but you win some and lose some and for The Rogers and Jaymie & Donna Jones- YOU JUST WON!!

Do you have pictures of your great deals?? Feel free to share them!

Look for another contest in the future!

My First Trip to Kmart!

So I have never really been a fan of Kmart, their prices seem to be much higher than the other stores I shop at and it's not super convenient to go there. But, thanks to Julie and my sister's persuasion I made a trip. Boy I'm glad I did! I was limited in my coupons though since I wasn't planning on going and was not very organized. (Good to see you Shannon!)

This week they are having Super Doubles up to $2, so basically any coupon up to $2 will double. They are the only store in AZ that I know of that does this, and it seems like they have been doing it more lately. As I said though, I haven't been before a lot having to do with hearing a lot that they are always out of everything unless you're there the first day of the sale. We seemed to do pretty well today though! I had to do several transactions though because I didn't want a leftover Kmart catalina since I don't make it there often.

1st transaction:
5 Secret spray deodorant @ 3.79 - (5) $2 mq doulbled to 3.79 (found in the Kmart savings book at customer service)
Total = $.81
++Plus I earned a $5 onyso catalina

2nd transaction:
12 tubs Huggie's wipes @ 2.99 - (12) $1.50 IP doubled to 2.99
1 large box Huggie's diapers @ 19.99 - $2 mq doubled to $4
2 Lifesavers @ 1.99 - (1) B1G1F mq - (1) $1 mq doubled to $1.99
- $5/$50 Kmart coupon
Total = $14.34

My last wipes q only doubled to $.29, not sure why and the way their system was set up it wouldn't let her subtract one of the tubs without taking off one of my qs that did double correctly...I didn't have time to really try to work it out so I just let it go. Also, it wouldn't let her use the $5 catalina from the previous transaction probably b/c I used the $5/$50.
++ I earned another $5 catalina for buying the Huggie's big box

3rd transaction:
1 package Huggie's diapers @ 9.99 - $2 mq doubled to $4
- $5 catalina from 1st transaction
Total = $1.23

4th transaction:
1 package Huggie's diapers @ 9.99 - $2 mq doubled to $4
2 tubs Huggie's wipes @ 2.99 - (2) $1.50 doubled to 2.99
- $5 catalina from 2nd transaction
Total = $1.47

Grand total spent = $17.85!

I don't usually buy the big boxes of diapers, but considering that it generated the $5 catalina so I was able to get the other diapers I decided to do it. For me, brand name diapers @ $5 or less is a 5 star price and with the way things worked out I got the equivalent of 5 jumbo packs of diapers for about $3.20 each!

Sale ends tomorrow, and the $5 catalina on the big box of Huggie's IS rolling!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Target, Yet Again!

I just can't seem to keep away from Target lately! I went to a Target that I don't normally go to and was lucky to find most of what I was looking for. The only problem with doing this is that you don't know the cashiers and which ones are coupon friendly! My cashier was sweet, but didn't really know what she was doing. I thought my total was high since I was expecting more overage and even had a Target g.c. in my hand to have her put some $$ on in case I went into the negative. Ends up now that I'm home and looking at my receipt she didn't even scan at least 10 of my Target coupons. I wasn't paying too close attention since my 2 yr old was hanging on to my neck and I was late for a meeting.

1 Johnson baby lotion @ 2.19 - $1 Target q - $1 mq
7 Buddie's bars @ .97 - (7) $1 Target q
4 Boost Kid Essentials @ 7.99 - (4) $5 IP and $2 Target q
3 Glade candle holders @ 1.67 - (2) $2 mq and (1) $2.50 mq
4 Glade refill cadles @ 2.50 - (3) buy candle holder get refills free mq and (1) B2G1F mq
4 All travel size @ 1.02 - (4) $1 mq
5 Tide travel size @ .97 - (5) $1 mq
18 Skittles @ .52 - (9) $1 Target q (she would only take 1 q per 2 Skittles)
13 GM cereal cups @ $1 - (13) $1 Target q (I'm almost to my goal of 40)
Tic Tacs @ 1.02
2 Dry dog food @ $4.29 - (2) $3 mq (she missed scanning one of my coupons) and (2) 1.50 Target q
8 cans dog food @ .84 - (4) B1G1F mq and (4) B1G1F Target q

Total = $6.76 ($2.29 was tax, saved $103.87!)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cheap Kitchen Set!

Sears has a 22 piece kitchen set 50% off for only $9.99. This would make a nice wedding gift! Choose ship to store to avoid the $7.50 shipping fee.
(Thanks, Slickdeals)

Remember, if you haven't already, go on over here and take a guess in my first contest!!

You Love Panda Too?

I came across this coupon here for Panda Express buy a 2 item entree get 1 entree free! We LOVE Panda Express, my husband and I can eat for under $10!

Also you can save your receipt and do the survey that is on the back. You will receive a code for 1 free entree wyb a 2 item entree. I constantly have a receipt in my wallet so if we ever stop by there we get a 3 item entree plate for the price of a 2 item entree plate.

We have also found an awesome Panda Express Orange Chicken recipe that we make about every other week. You can find it here. I don't use the Costco chicken like she recommends, rather I stir fry my chicken unbreaded and make the sauce. It is YUMMY!!

Speaking of free food, TGI Friday's has a coupon out for B1G1F Entree! Good through 9/7.

CVS Today + New Week of Grocery Shopping!

I was in desperate need of some hair spray and have EB expiring this weekend. I always love it when I have EB to use when I'm buying things that I couldn't necessarily get cheap/free any other way!

2 hairspray @ 2.69
1 Hershey's bar for s'mores @ 1.99
1 pkg cookies for camping on clearance @ .25
- $1.99 CVS q for FREE chocolate bar (not only was this expired, but I couldn't find the CVS brand chocolate bars. She told me they accepted the expired CVS q's and that I could get a Hershey one instead!)
- $5 EB
Total = $.67

Remaining balance for the week: $35.98 - $.67 = $35.31

Don't forget the new grocery ads start this week. Be sure to check your PYP board for any great deals in your area! If you're in AZ, Fry's is still quadrupling coupons and taking competitor's coupons! There was a $3/$30 Fresh & Easy q in the ad today, or try this link for a $10/$50 q! Remember at Fry's, give these to the cashier first then the rest of your coupons, unlike at Albertsons where your total has to be $30 or $50 (if using those coupons) after all other coupons.

Speaking of Albertson's, they are also quadrupling this week! (If you're not in AZ you may want to call your store first to find out if they are as stores in Idaho/Utah are owned by a different company than the ones here :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Contest!! Guess How Much I Spent?!?

Alright ladies and gents (yes, there are men out there who are as coupon crazy as we are) get ready for Born2Save's 1st contest! Today we are going to play "Guess How Much I Spent". Here's how you play. Look at the picture below and leave a comment guessing my total OOP for all these items (I will admit it's not my very BEST shopping trip as many of these items used to be free after coupons, like many of them were here. However, given that the price of food has risen 5%+, I would consider it a good deal!). Here's a list of the items in the picture:

25 jars Beech Nut stage 2 baby food
11 Hefty One Zip bags
2 Kraft Mayo w/ Olive oil
11 boxes fruit snacks
4 boxes Quaker granola bars
2 boxes Fiber One bars
1 box True Delights granola bars
3 Nature Valley granola bars
2 Quaker Fiber granola bars
5 Hamburger Helper
9 boxes Quaker Simple Harvest oatmeal
2 boxes Quaker breakfast cookies
1 king size Reese's

Want more than one chance to guess? Here's how you can earn up to 3 guesses:

1st guess- This one's free, consider it a present just for visiting my blog :)
2nd guess - Tell your friends/family about my blog by writing a post on your own blog and/or Facebook page
3rd guess- Become a follower of my blog (you get this 3rd guess if you already are)

Remember, each guess has to be a separate comment in order to count. The 2 people with the closest guess will win! (Yes, you can guess more than the amount - this isn't the Price is Right!)

What's the prize?
You will receive tokens and an order form to choose from the Kellogg's Movie Lovers Collection, shipped right to your home, completely FREE!

I know it's not quite like winning the lottery, but hey! It's FREE and it's FUN!

Contest will end Friday 9/4 at 8 pm PST so hurry, start guessing away! Good luck!!

Are You a Fan??

I'm not so into this whole Facebook thing, but these awesome deals may get me jumping on the bandwagon!

Go on over here and sign up to become a fan of Baja Fresh and you can print a coupon for a FREE BURRITO today only from 2-5:30!! Be sure to read the Terms & Conditions.

Also, sign up to become a fan at Victoria's Secret over here and you can print off a coupon for 2 free undies, good today(9/1) only. Look for the coupon under the Secrets tab.

(Thanks, Slickdeals)

And, if that's not enough, go over here to print a coupon for a free Frutista Freeze drink at Taco Bell! Coupon states one per person but doesn't expire until 12/31/09!!

(Thanks, Sherri!)

Target + Freebies!!

7 Kid Essentials drinks @ $7.99 - (7) $5 IP - (7) $2 Target q
6 Buddie's soaps @ $.97 - (6) $1 Target q (adjusted to $.97)
8 Skittles Crazy Cores @ $.52 - (8) $1 Target q
Total = $4.02!

Starting week's budget: $40 - $4.02 = $35.98 for the rest of the week
Don't forget to check out the Target coupons as some of the good ones expire 9/5!