Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Have to Apologize.....

...for my absence in posting lately!! I have to admit that everything just caught up with me and between my family, work, husband being in school, church duties, garage sale, potty training, and keeping up with my house I just had to let something go and it has been my blog. So, I apologize for not having posted. I haven't been doing a ton of shopping lately, but I did have RR that I needed to try and roll, so here is what I did yesterday before work (the WG's by my work is awesome and is 24 hr so I can pop in there early in the morning before work). I did about 7 transactions but here is a general breakdown of what I got:

2 Crest toothpaste (with travel size toothpaste) 2/$4 - (2) $1 mq, got $2 RR = FREE
Hydrogen peroxide $.29 (filler)
5 caramels $.33 (fillers....I did plan well enough for the coupon to item ratio so I had to throw these in the use my RR. If I planned better I would have been able to get more hydrogen peroxide or cute cheap Halloween things they have this week.....oh well!)
2 Scope mouthwash 2/$7 - (2) $.75 mq, got $4 RR = $.75 each
5 Robitussin $2.49 - $2 IP, got $2.50 RR = $2.01 MM!
2 Trident layers gum 2/$2 - (2) $.75 IP, got $1 RR = $.50 MM!
5 Gillette razors (this is all my husband uses!) $8.99 - $4 mq, got $6 RR each = $1.01 MM each!
2 Quaker granola bars and 2 Quaker oatmeal 2/$5 - (2) $1/2 mq, got $5 RR = 4/$3
8 Ragu pasta sauce $1.66 - (8) $.50 mq, got back $8 RR = $.16 each (not pictured)
5 Oral B 1-2-3 toothbrushes $3.79 - (5) $1 mq. ** I goofed here because I read somewhere that these were a monthly RR and I realized on the first transaction when the RR didn't print that it was a last week thing. It would have messed me up using my RR if I put them back. I may return them though since it kills me that I pretty much paid full price!**

All in all I spent $62 RR and $13.xx OOP got back $64 RR and a whole lot of things my family will use or can sell at our next garage sale.