Saturday, September 12, 2009

Target & Costco Price Codes!

My sis came across this site that lists the price codes for Target & Costco. I knew some of this already but found it interesting. This will be helpful with Target clearance to know whether or not it will be marked down again. Hope you find it helpful too!

Price codes- Costco

*ends with .99 is the original price
*ends with ._7 is the first markdown
*ends with .88 is the second markdown
*ends with .00 is the final markdown before it is sent out and sold to a local salvage company.
* Items with an asterisk (“ * ”) will on the price sign will not be re-stocked.

Pricing codes at Target

*Items with prices ending in $__._9 are the regular price
*Items with prices ending in $__,_8 are discounted
*The small numbers in the top right corner of the price tag indicate the percentage discount you’re getting off of the regular price (for example, if you see “75”, that’s 75% off the regular or original price)
*if the price ends in a 4, such as $5.94, that signifies that it is the last time an item will be marked down
*if you see " * " it mean this item have more than one location somewhere on salefloor like endcap


Milloy Family said...

Thanks to you and your sister for this coding list! This is GREAT information. I will definitely print this out and put it in my coupon binder. Thanks!

Born2Save said...

So glad you find it helpful! Thanks!