Saturday, September 19, 2009

Catching Up!! CVS, Target, WG's

I have been such a blog slacker this past week! I have really been focusing on catching up on things that have been neglected lately [read: my floors really needed to be cleaned, among other things!], and really haven't been doing much coupon shopping. I do apologize for the lack of posting though! I did manage to work out a few deals though:

Stopped into a WG's I don't normally go to and found the Ghiradelli Luxe chocolate bars on clearance for $.65 from $2.59. The best part is that the September coupon booklet (found by the ads) has a q for $1/2, so only $.15 each!! I snagged 26 of them, plan to use for melting during the holidays. (Believe it or not, I didn't even take them all and I showed another lady the deal so she got some too!). Look out for other chocolate clearance, I saw Hershey's Bliss on clearance for $1.29 and there are $1 mq's out there.
26 chocolate bars @ $.65 - $13 from WG's $1/2 q (you only have to give them one 1 and it will take off $1 for every 2 you buy)
Total: $4.02

10 Pop Tarts clearanced to 1.28 - .75 Target q - $1/2 mq
4 Rimmell mascara (only show 1) @ 2.24 - $2 mq
Pumice stone (not on sale or q, but I really need this for hard water marks on my toilets)
Huggie's wipes @ 1.47 - $1.50 Huggie's IP (no longer available but has a $2 on any diaper product q)
Comet @ .89
Total: $5.36, paid with a g.c.
++I will submit the Pop Tarts for the $10 Kellogg's rebate, so essentially a $9.70 MM!!
If you haven't done this rebate already, remember the last day to have your stuff postmarked is 9/30!

1 Contour glucose monitors, raincheck to $14.99
Hefty trash bags @ 9.49 - $2 mq
Revlon eye shadow @ 6.19 - $3 CRT - $1 mq (could have used 2 if I had them with me)
- $5/$30 email
- $3 EB
Total: $3.52, paid with a g.c.
++ I earned $10 EB for the Contours


Sara said...

so I have found a cheap way to get rid of the hard water spots on the toilets!! I just flush the toilet, turn off the h2o valve at the back and then get a square of fine sand paper (my husband always has this!) I scrub and they stay gone for about a year!!!

Born2Save said...

Thank you for that tip Sara!
I tried it last night and it worked PERFECTLY!! I think I'll be taking back my $3.49 pumice stone and just using sand paper from now on! Thanks!!