Monday, March 22, 2010

Cheap Draino alternative!

I was reading a blog and came across nice little recipe to unclog a drain without using Drain. Check it out here

Huggie's Deal @ Safeway!

Ran out tonight for some more of the FF deal....I bought some MA frozen meals today and we had them for dinner. DH said he would take them for lunch and for $.25 each, I ran out late to pick up some more! Also found a good Huggie's deal too!

10 Michael Angelos frozen meals @ $2.50 ea - 5 B1G1F mq
1 Reeses dark choc @ $.89 - $.55 q = FREE chocolate!!
3 Crest toothpaste RC price @ $.99 - 3 $1 mq = FREE
bananas @ $1.42
Huggies diapers Jumbo pack @ $8.99 - $3 mq - $3 eq
- $10 FF cat from earlier today
- $4 cat from HBO deal
Total: $3.26, plus I earned another $10 FF cat!
Not bad for 10 lunches and a package of diapers!

You can load the eq on your card here
I really can't take any credit for this though, Arizona Savings has an awesome blog and she shows some really great deals with eqs. Read her post here about combining them with MQs. I personally have never had a problem and have really enjoyed the overage you can get with these!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Score at CVS!!

I have been out of town and haven't done a lot of shopping lately, but I did make a run out today to CVS since I noticed that their Purex is B1G1F. I still have Purex B1G1F qs left to make for FREE laundry detergent! (Sorry, didn't get a pic before I hurried and put things away while the kids were sleeping!)

YMMV on this one though, my CVS openly takes expired q's and EB's.

8 Purex detergent @ $6.49 ea - B1G1F sale - 4 B1G1F qs (expired) = FREE
6 Glade soy candles @ $3.49 ea - 6 Free qs (expired) = FREE
2 Orbit multi-packs @ $1.50 ea - 2 $1/1 IP = .50 ea (also goes toward buy $10 in easter candy get $3 EB)
2 hairspray @ $2.49 = 4.98
- $5/$20 CVS q
- $4 EB (expired)
- green bag tag scan
Total: $.72 OOP!!

Thanks to a tip by Arizona Savings, I gave my EB before the MQs. Doing this will make the EB cover your tax. If I tried to give it to her after the MQs it would have beeped and only allowed for the amount before tax. Since in AZ we pay tax on the pre-coupon price, this is a great way to reduce your OP.

On a side note, here's a tip I'm learning more and more of. My FP baby monitor stopped working one day- I had the volume up, they transmitter and receiver were on the same channel, they were both plugged in, etc. It just stopped working. Instead of just throwing it away I decided to call the number on the instruction manual. I talked to a nice lady who took my information, got some info about the monitor and what was going on. She said it sounded like the transmitter was bad and ordered me a new one- FREE OF CHARGE!! How awesome is that? It always pays to ask!