Saturday, September 12, 2009

Albies Old El Paso Catalina Dea ++ Ad Matching at Targetl!

I made a trip to Albies to use some Target cereal q's before they expired today. I also came across a great deal on Old El Paso products. This week Albies has the Old El Paso products $.75 wyb 6. Well, it just so happens that wyb 6 OEP products a $3 catalina prints! There is also a $.60/2 q on Print 3 of these (you'll need access to more than 1 computer as you can only print 2 per computer), pay $2.70 and get back a $3 catalina. Remember, these catalinas are not like WG's RR that do not allow you to buy the same items and get another catalina. If you purchase 6 items and use a $3 catalina from a previous purchase you WILL get another $3 catalina!!

I also stopped by Target and got a few things (sorry, don't have a pic right now):
6 GM cereal cups @ $1 - (6) $1 Target q's
2 Glade Room & Air freshener @ 3.29- (2) $2 Target q's (found on bottles) and (1) B1G1F mq
Clearanced flip flops @ $1.74
Total = $1.52

I stopped by Guest Services to clarify their ad matching policy. Unfortunately, it sounded like it would vary GREATLY from person to person and it may be harder than even price matching at WalMart (which, if you haven't noticed, I avoid whenever possible!)

She told me that the don't price match % off, B1G1F, any promotions like Fry's Mega Event (Buy 10 items get $5 off), and will not substitute Target brand items for store brand items on sale. I guess that was kind of expected, BUT then she also told me that if an ad that states that you need a card to get that price they will NOT match it! So, basically that crosses off everywhere but WG's and Albies (when you're talking grocery/drug stores). I was kind of disappointed as I initially saw a lot of great deals in our future but now it seems like it will be harder. She also said that it will definitely be easier to bring your items up to Guest Services and have them do the price matching there, except for produce. Be sure to have them price match your items first, then give coupons.

Good luck and let me know if of your experience with this! :)

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