Friday, September 11, 2009

Emily's Deals!

My sister, Emily, is an awesome couponer and huge supporter of my blog! It's been fun in the last year since she moved close to me to get her addicted to coupons and share deals. She came from the "Land of No Doubles" just as some of you may be in now. Just remember that you can still get some great deals even if your stores don't double coupons! Be sure to check out the PYP board for your state to see your local deals!

Here's what she got:

6 buddy soap
6 colgate
1 johnson and johnson baby lotion
2 baby johnson q-tips
6 skittles
20 cereals

1 96 ct huggies diapers
2 newborn huggies jumbo pack
1 fisher price sandles
20 wipes
2 fabric softener
1 pkg chinette plates
5 secret deoderant
2 cascade detergent (jet dry)
=$25.50 (i think)

Have pictures of your great deals?? Feel free to send them to me! jengirl7@gmail-dot-com

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