Saturday, January 16, 2010

Albies $.56 and It Pays to Speak Up!!

I've got a little time tonight so I wanted to post this. Made an Albies run tonight to grab some lettuce that I'm going to need for a salad tomorrow. We are going to a last-minute thing so I wasn't prepared to being this assignment.

1 head iceburg lettuce = $.78 with in-ad coupon
3 ct. romaine head lettuce = $2
2 O Organics yogurt @ $.88 ea - $.50 department discount (the yogurt expire 1/18)- $1 O Organics q (found in the in-store coupon magazine looking thing. It is good on any O Organics frozen or dairy product and good until 1/31/10) = $.24 OVERAGE
- $2 Safeway cat
Total: $.56

Unfortunately, Albies will no longer be taking competitor's coupons after 1/20/10, so if you have some you were planning on using you better do it quick! It's too bad because for me there won't be much motivation to shop there anymore since they don't double q's on a regular basis and unless like all the other grocery stores around here. I am not sure if this applies to the pharmacy as well. I sure hope they will continue to take competitor q's for transfer scripts!

I also wanted to mention something I received in the mail the other day. I received 2- $5 Pampers q's! This came from me sending a quick email to Pampers letting them know that I was disappointed with their Cruisers diapers and that my son leaks out of them every single night (he does not leak out when I have him in Huggies or the regular Pampers). Someone from the company wrote me back and said basically that he should be in a bigger diaper, which I do not agree with, but they sent me the coupons as a good gesture. Yeah! I'll pair them with the sale at CVS for $8.88 and try to find a $5/$20 q for some cheap diapers.

**UPDATE** I found a CVS $5/$20 q here. I would hurry and print it as the one available last week got pulled before the end of the week

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