Thursday, March 18, 2010

Score at CVS!!

I have been out of town and haven't done a lot of shopping lately, but I did make a run out today to CVS since I noticed that their Purex is B1G1F. I still have Purex B1G1F qs left to make for FREE laundry detergent! (Sorry, didn't get a pic before I hurried and put things away while the kids were sleeping!)

YMMV on this one though, my CVS openly takes expired q's and EB's.

8 Purex detergent @ $6.49 ea - B1G1F sale - 4 B1G1F qs (expired) = FREE
6 Glade soy candles @ $3.49 ea - 6 Free qs (expired) = FREE
2 Orbit multi-packs @ $1.50 ea - 2 $1/1 IP = .50 ea (also goes toward buy $10 in easter candy get $3 EB)
2 hairspray @ $2.49 = 4.98
- $5/$20 CVS q
- $4 EB (expired)
- green bag tag scan
Total: $.72 OOP!!

Thanks to a tip by Arizona Savings, I gave my EB before the MQs. Doing this will make the EB cover your tax. If I tried to give it to her after the MQs it would have beeped and only allowed for the amount before tax. Since in AZ we pay tax on the pre-coupon price, this is a great way to reduce your OP.

On a side note, here's a tip I'm learning more and more of. My FP baby monitor stopped working one day- I had the volume up, they transmitter and receiver were on the same channel, they were both plugged in, etc. It just stopped working. Instead of just throwing it away I decided to call the number on the instruction manual. I talked to a nice lady who took my information, got some info about the monitor and what was going on. She said it sounded like the transmitter was bad and ordered me a new one- FREE OF CHARGE!! How awesome is that? It always pays to ask!

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kc said...

Fisher Price has always had great customer service for us. They gave us a full refund on the 1st swing we had with Quinn, when the motor slowed down. I had read they could send a new motor, which is what I thought they would do... but I guess they didn't have any motors for our swing in stock. So we got the average retail value in a check and went out and purchased a new swing! Then our bouncy seat broke, after we had used the heck out of it... but only with one kid.. so I called and they also refunding us that... and of course they wanted that back to do QC testing. I had planned on saving it for #2 until it broke, but since they gave is the refund I was obviously quite happy! Anyway, suffice to say we registered for a fisher price bouncy and swing for #2, because I know their customer serivce rocks!!