Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Safeway Deals + Diaper Deals

I have to admit with Christmas around the corner I've been trying to wrap up projects around the house on my days off and have not done a ton of coupon shopping. It definitely helps that I have been Christmas shopping throughout the year when a good deal would come along so I am pretty much set without having to do a lot at the last minute.

Safeway has had some good deals lately, they have a good deal on Nabisco crackers wyb5 get $5 off. There are current Nabisco coupons for $1 off any cracker, makes the Cheese Nips FREE and most other crackers $.49. They were out of Cheese Nips at my store so I held on to my q's, promotion ends 1/7/10.

They also have coupons from now until Christmas Eve where there is a free item each day with a $20 purchase (today was dozen eggs, tomorrow is little smokies!). Now is a good time to whip out those coupons for free items to bring your total to $20. Went tonight for some milk (sorry, no picture):

gal milk $2.19
dozen eggs - FREE with Christmas coupon and a $20 purchase
6 Mr. Clean Spray and refill @ $1.99 each wyb3 or more - (3) free spray wyb refill (the computer automatically takes off the original price of $3.99 = all 6 FREE
9 Barilla whole grain pasta @ $1 - (9) $.50/1 mq = FREE
sugar substitute @ $6.99 - FREE mq = FREE
3 bananas @ $.39/lb
6 Lucerne cheese @ $.99 ea - $.30/1 peelies (did 2 separate orders as the limit is 3) = FREE
Total = $4.29 on a gift card

What I can't figure out, and maybe KC can help me since I know you've had tax issues at Safeway before, is why my OOP was so high. My receipt says that tax is $1.24 and since everything else was free except the milk then my total should be $3.43. I don't know!

I've also been asked about diaper deals, this is probably the best one this week at WG's:

Huggies are $8.99 with a $2 RR
Buy 1 @ 8.99
- $1.50 q from SS 11/15 (look around though for other q's you may have, I know I have $2 q's from something)
- $1 WG's coloring book (this was available like back in August, may be hard to find now)
Pay $6.49 and get back $2 RR
Like paying $4.49/pack

Remember not to use your $2 RR from this to buy another pack of diapers as it would not generate another $2 RR. If you don't have the coloring book, $5.49 is a still good deal on Huggie's. My personal 5-star price is $5 or less on brand name diapers, so not a bad deal!!


kc said...

Great Job at Safeway! I did have tax issues at before there, when they charged it for the butter.. we don't pay tax on food in AZ. Even though you had free Qs for the Mr. Clean.. unfortunately we pay ton PRE-Q price in Az. So you would still pay tax on that.. however, that really would be tax on just $12, so assuming 7% tax rate would only be $0.84. So it seems like you must be getting charged taxed on another item. On your receipt, there might be little letters after each price... are any different.. sometimes that indicates what is taxed.
I figured out my butter issue, because everything was food, and I still paid tax and the butter was the only item with a different "letter code" next to the price. Plus I ended up doing about 5 orders of all food and was charged tax on the butter everytime... anyway, it was an easy fix at customer service if you can figure it out!

By the way, where are you Mr. Clean Qs for? I didn't realize there were more out there...I was loving that deal before!!

Great job on the diapers! I am tempted to try a deal or 2 today with the extra $5 Holiday RR.. Unfortunately I don't bother with the coloring book Qs.. becauase they ALMOST always want to take them from me... even though they are Wags Qs... so I pay $1, to save a $1! (Since the diaper Qs are the only ones I would for sure use)...
Anyway. :-)

Born2Save said...

Thanks, KC! I looked at my receipt and it looks like there is the symbol of T next to the Mr. Clean and the other items either have a B or F, so I'm guessing that is the code. I haven't had a chance to go back and ask them what is going on though. For me it's only a matter of $.25, but if there is something messed up in their system it needs to be resolved.

I don't remember exactly where the Mr. Clean q's were from- I found them in my coupon stash and was excited to find them before the sale ends!